About my wedding photo films

As a documentary wedding photographer, the main thing I am trying to achieve is to tell the story of your wedding day through photographs. When I complete the final delivery of digital files to my couples, I also include a wedding photo film. These high definition films are accompanied by music and usually contain around 100 photographs which I feel summarise the day. Be warned, these have been known to leave brides in tears and wanting to replicate their wedding day all over again!

Why include wedding photo films

My expectations are realistic. I know that after the wedding has settled down and life slips back into normality, it’s probably unlikely that my couples will sit down together to look through the entire collection of 400-500 photographs very often. My hope is that the photo film, being 5 minutes or so long, will be viewed much more frequently and really help my couples relive their special day.

Example wedding photo films

It wouldn’t be right to share an original wedding photo film on the internet, as these have been tailor made especially for my couples to remember their wedding day. However, I have included some much shorter examples below to give you an idea of what my wedding photo films look and, most importantly, feel like. I hope you enjoy watching them.

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