Finding your perfect wedding photographer

I remember when my wife and I were planning our own wedding – finding the perfect wedding photographer was seriously hard! At the time I was a photography enthusiast, so as you can imagine choosing our wedding photographer was really important to me. There were a few key things I was looking for when I was picking our photographer:

  • I wanted honest and authentic moments captured in a documentary style.
    Believe it or not, I would much rather be behind the lens than in front of it! The thought of spending hours smiling and posing for photos filled me with dread. I wanted our wedding photographs to tell the story of our special day, not a series of awkward grinning pictures that I’d never want to look at again!
  • I didn’t want to spend large chunks of my day having formal group shots.
    I have been at weddings where the formal group photos lasted for over two hours. There was no way I wanted that, I wanted to spend as much time as possible enjoying the day with our guests.
  • I wanted timeless and classic images.
    I didn’t want the latest gimmick when it came to editing the photographs in Photoshop like colour pop , double exposures or overdone HDR (if you don’t know what these are, Google them). I wanted my wedding day photographs to stand the test of time and to not look dated when we opened up our wedding album in years to come.
  • I wanted lots of black and white images.
    Maybe it was the time I spent in the darkroom as a student, but I absolutely love black and white photographs. I wanted a photographer who delivered some awesome black and white images.
  • I wanted someone passionate, professional and reliable.
    Fairly self explanatory this one!

These are the same foundations that I have built my wedding photography business on, so if these are the same things you are looking for then we should definitely talk! Be sure to check out my page on documentary wedding photography and see more of my work over on my blog or on social media (there are links are at the bottom on the page).

If you have any other questions about my wedding photography business, head over to my wedding FAQ page.

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